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Bara Brith Recipe

Bara Brith Recipe

BARA BRITH is the National Bun loaf of Wales and means speckled bread. It is a delicious currant bread and is common to all Celtic countries, it can be made with or without yeast.


Here is a recipe without yeast :


Ingredients : 

450 gr mixed dried fruit
300 ml warm tea
175 gr brown sugar
220 gr butter
2 tspns mixed spice
450 gr flour (self raising) or use baking powder
3 eggs


Preparation : 

Soak the mixed dried fruit in the tea overnight.
 The next day, soften the butter with the sugar, beat in the eggs and mix with the flour. Incorporate to the fruit.
 Pour into two bread tins, and bake at 170 C for approximately 30 minutes.