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English food and accessories hampers, ready to order or to compose with all the products in our website



Piccadilly Time has put together some suggestions for gift hampers which you'll find in the different categories above and which you can choose if you wish.


You can also make your own selection of items and vary the contents of your hampers according to your tastes, who the hamper is for and the amount you'd like to spend.


Hampers can be made up of any combination of groceries and/or gift accessories.


If you wish to make your own selection:


1)   Choose a basket from the selection below


2)   Select the groceries and/or gift accessories from any of our product ranges


3)   Don't forget to add your message in the comments space when you complete your order; we'll add your message to the hamper


4)   The hampers are wrapped in clear cellophane wrap and decorated with ribbon and a gift label.