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Review of Bernard RR on Colman's mustard powder - 113g

Colman's mustard powder Colman's mustard powder - 113g

Colman's English mustard in powder.


Put a fiery helping on your roast, stir generously into your gravy or lash onto your sandwich.


To make up Colman's powder mustard to serve as a simple condiment with food, only cold water should be used. Mix with equal quantity of water allow 10 minutes standing time to allow the full flavour to develop.

The strength of flavour diminishes with time so we recommend that you make your mustard fresh each time.


A pinch or two of dry mustard will perk up a vinaigrette dressing or can be added to mayonnaise to make a tasty dip. 


Net weight 113 g.


Ingredients :

Mustard flour.

- Review added the Monday 10 March 2014by Bernard RR

Very useful in sauces and dressings.